Compelling returns, consistently delivered

About Kedge Capital Private Equity

Kedge Capital Private Equity has consistently delivered compelling returns to its investors through its multi-manager pooled vehicles and co-investment funds programmes.

Our insight and deep industry expertise acquired over more than two decades, alongside our systematized investment processes, reputation and approach has resulted in access to, and exceptional relationships with, some of the most successful and respected managers in private equity which are also the source of highly sought-after co-investment offerings.

Our Approach

Focused on accessing specialist private equity managers primarily within the 'middle market' in the U.S., we construct diversified portfolios with what we consider to be some of the best managers within their niche in the private equity industry and provide access to investment opportunities that investors may not be able to access on their own. 

Multi-manager pooled vehicle investments have been made since KCPE's inception, offering investors access to compelling private equity fund managers in the U.S. and other mature private equity markets.

Co-investments, which have also been made since KCPE's inception, but which have only been organised in separate fund structures since 2010, offer investors exposure to specific, difficult to access companies. KCPE, as an established and trusted investor in private equity funds, is well-positioned to access the most compelling co-investments.

Our Offerings

Within our multi-manager pooled vehicles and co-investments programmes, which launch new fund vintages every one-to-three-years, we meticulously build in diversification to risk control the portfolios. Only the highest conviction opportunities are pursued following developed robust quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The KCPE team has developed highly specialised selection criteria and underwriting skills and is deeply aligned economically with its investors.